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February 6, 2008

Rava Dosa

Finally I learnt how to make a nice and crispy rava dosa. You need a lot of patience to make it. I usually do multi-tasking(like cutting veges or loading the dishes :)) when I prepare rava dosa for dinner.
Rava - 1 cup
Rice flour - 1 cup
Water - 2.5 cups
Curry leaves - few sprigs
Coriander leaves
Whole black pepper - 1 tsp
Jeera - 1 tsp
Ginger - chopped 1 tsp
Green chillis - chopped as per your taste
Hing - just a hint
Chopped onions(optional)- 1/2 cup


1.Mix all the above ingredients in water and let it soak for 1 hr.
2. Heat a pan. When the pan is hot, pour the batter from top using a cup right in the middle of the pan. Since the batter is thin, it will spread by itself. Do not use laddle.
3. Drizzle oil on the corners.
4. Let it cook for approximately 3-4 minutes. Turn it and let it cook on the other side for a minute or two.
It is well worth the wait! Who doesn't like Rava Dosa?


  1. Hey post some pics of rava dosa and also chutney podi.Would love to see them esply the rava dosai :)

  2. yes, will upload the picture soon.. it is still in the camera.. yet to transfer it to the computer.

  3. Wow looks gr8. Never had rava dosa. With this recipe Iam going to give it a try.

  4. Hi
    many times i failed making this rava dosa :( ...I am going to try this recipe and will let u knw the result ....Thanks for the recipe

  5. himahimaa
    thankx for the recipe.can u post the recipe of milagu podi?


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