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November 11, 2008

Basundhi(Paneer kheer) - I call it heaven!

Ever since Sujatha of Spicykhazana posted paneer kheer recipe, I have been dreaming about it. I call this dessert-Basundhi. I usually make it by stirring whole milk and sugar for atleast an hour. But this recipe was much easier and consumed less time than the original method.
Thanks to Sujatha! I love Basundhi from hotel-Saravana bhavan. It tastes out of the world. My mom makes awesome Basundhi too.

I modified the recipe to suit my taste.

Sending this to Aparna's one year of blogging celebrations and Srilekha's EFM Sweets.


Half and half(full fat milk)-1.5 cups

Evaporated milk-1.5 cups

Grated paneer-1 cup

Sugar-1/4 cup(or according to your taste)

Cardamom- 1/4 tsp

Saffron- a few strands


Boil half and half. When it raises, lower the heat, add evaporated milk. Let the mixture continue to cook on low flame for 15 minutes(stir every 2 minutes). Add paneer, sugar, saffron and cardamom now. Mix well and continue heating on medium low flame stirring frequently until the mixture becomes very thick(time varies from 10-20 minutes). The mixture would have reduced by 1/2 in volume now. It will look semi solid. After refrigerating, it will become even more thick. Garnish with nuts and seve cold.

Note:1. Use a non stick pan.

2. Evaporated milk and Sugar can be replaced by condensed milk. I like to add evaporated milk because I can control the amount of sugar.

3. Amount of milk and evaporated milk can be reduced to 1 cup each to get the desired basundhi consistency in lesser time. Quantity of paneer may be increased from 1 cup to 1.5 cups. How about that? I am going to try this proportion next time.


  1. Mahimaa what is that dear, u r tempting me without passsing this :(. tell me whr do u live, I will ask my hubby to shift there :).

  2. My husband and I are greats fans of basundi but I dont prepare it regularly because of its time consumption. Thanks for sharing your recipe. Now I can make it more often and enjoy :)

  3. Wow!! amazing basundhi Mahimaa..very mouth tempting and mouth watering.

  4. That loks rich and creamy mahimaa..Great dessert!

  5. That is quicker than the normal method, and I love it!
    As you said, it is indeed out of this world...
    Rombo naal aachu basundhi taste panni!

  6. Kanna,
    It is amezing,out of the world, mouth watering and awesome. I know Anush loves it.After Deevali, why don't you give space for dieting.
    Excellant.I love it.

  7. i love basundi soo much...ur looks yummy yumm...

  8. Ha ha, have u heard the recent news of saravana bhavan :( Love basundi ,gal u guys are not going to leave me in diet !

  9. Looks rich, creamy and delicious and very very tempting :-)

  10. Voted! :) And just now noticed your header..Looks apt for a foodblog with wonderful pics Mahimaa!

  11. I have never tried this at did i miss it???But urs look so easy......

  12. mmmm..the paneer kheer does sound heavenly:)

  13. Basundi is my all time fav' sweet! You made me to crave for it.

  14. this looks so tempting. i never tried basundi because of the time it would take. this really seems to be easy.

    I love saravana bhavan basundhi too :)

  15. Yummy dessert .I too love it in Saravana Bhavan hotel. Easy version .Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  16. Looks very rich and creamy. Children will luv it for sure.

  17. I can see why you think this is heavenly. :)
    Thanks for sending this to my celebrations.

  18. Awesome creamy basundhi...mouthwatering...


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