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June 24, 2008

How to make Tasty Rasam?

Rasam(also called as "sathamudhu") tastes best when made with a lead vessel called "eeya chombu".
  • Always keep an eye on the vessel when you make rasam. Let it boil only in low flame. Otherwise the vessel will melt! :)
  • Switch of the gas when you see froth forming on top(see picture).


  1. The rasam looks nice and the "Eeyachchombu" in the pic brings back fond memories of my Amma's cooking. Thanks!

  2. Hi A&N, thanks for your comments! Yes,it brings back past memories of my amma's cooking too.

  3. A few things that came into my mind when thinking of making tasty rasam...
    -Don't let it boil over, switch off the heat right when it is boiling up.
    -Chopped cilantro garnish
    - Use a tsp or 2 of ghee for the seasoning instead of oil or a combination of ghee & oil
    One word of caution while using the "eeyachombu" is to transfer the rasam to another container immediately after cooking as there is a possibility of lead poisoning.


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