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May 21, 2009

15 Minute Recipes - Drinks(Part 1)

Dear friends,

Thank you all for participating in this event and making it a grand success! Can you believe that I received over 290 recipes? I seriously did not expect such a huge response. I really appreciate your enthusiasm in sending multiple entries. I hope you will find the round up very useful. I have split the recipes into various categories. Recipes are sorted in alphabetical order.

Presenting 15 Minute Recipes-Drinks(part 1)


  1. Aam panna from Appetizing Recipes
  2. Bonda juice from The Chef and Her Kitchen
  3. Carrot Orange Juice from Appetizing Recipes
  4. Instant cucumber cooler from easy2cookrecipes
  5. Grape juice from Priya's Sourashtrian Kitchen
  6. Green tea cooler from Foodie's Hope
  7. Lemon juice from Appetizing Recipes
  8. Lime mint juice from Usha Nandini's Recipes
  9. Mix Fruit Juice from Appetizing Recipes
  10. Musk Melon Juice from Appetizing Recipes
  11. Pomegranate Sweet lime juice from Appetizing Recipes
  12. Watermelon cooler from Khana Khazana with Malini
Milkshakes and Smoothies

  1. Avocado milkshake from Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes
  2. Banana Cashew Milk Shake from Appetizing Recipes
  3. Banana lassi from Sai Kitchen
  4. Beetroot shake from Lemon n spice
  5. Quick breakfast Smoothie from Dil Se..
  6. Chikku Shake from Appetizing Recipes
  7. Chocolate Icecream Milkshake from Khana Khazana with Malini
  8. Cocoa Milk Shake from Appetizing Recipes
  9. Honeydew melon smoothie from Usha Nandini's Recipes
  10. Kiwi lassi from Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes
  11. Malai wali lassi from Asankhana
  12. Mango Shake from Appetizing Recipes
  13. Mango cranberry smoothie from Asankhana
  14. Mango lassi from
  15. Mango Milk shake from The Temptations
  16. Orange lassi from The Temptations
  17. Pina Colada Smoothie from Khana Khazana with Malini
  18. Purple Shake from SpicyKhazana
  19. Mixed Fruit Smoothie from Ramyacooks
  20. Rose milk with vermicilli from Aathidhyam
  21. Protein rich strawberry smoothie from Delectable Vegetarian Recipes
  22. Watermelon Milkshake from Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes
  23. Watermelon Milk shake from Bon Appetit
  24. Almond jaggery milk from Usha Nandini's Recipes
Buttermilk Drinks

  1. Neer Mor from Usha Nandini's Recipes
  2. Cucumber buttermilk from Appetizing Recipes
  3. Neer Moar Buttermilk from Appetizing Recipes
  4. Oats-Buttermilk Kanji from Enthaligai
  5. Sambharam/Buttermilk from Cooking up Something Nice
  6. Spicy Green Buttermilk from SpicyKhazana
Hot Drinks

  1. Hot chocolate from My Experience With Cooking
  2. Ragi Malt with Jaggery from Dil Se..
  3. Badam Ragi Malt from Indian Vegetarian Kitchen(my kitchen)
If I have missed out any entry, please let me know. Check your links and see if they work.


  1. WOW Mahimaa!! This is just the start!! waiting for the next episode:-D

  2. wow tht's an awesome collage of all drinks!!!

  3. That was an awesome roundup Mahimma! Waiting eagerly for the next part!

  4. Wow lovely roundup mahima..waiting for next ones..

  5. Wonderful roundup! waiting for the next Part. Excellent work Mahi!

  6. Excellent job Mahimaa. You have taken sincere effor in presenting them in appropriate categories like a collage work!

  7. I love your presentation - nice roundup... waiting for more.

  8. wow, wonderful roundup 290 recipes !!, amazing !!, you will be having a tough time to split them into categories and post them, you seem to have started very well already...., great roundup, hats of to you, keep it up !!, Of course the round -up is very useful that too in summer starting with the drinks part !!, i have to book mark this page..., for my future references.., a great applause to all the bloggers who have sent the entries too..., i couldn't participate but will try to make it next time, Excellent work

  9. Great roundup and lovely presentation Mahima, Bookmarked for future reference.

  10. waw all the drinks sure look soothing for summer! waiting to see part-2!!

  11. Nice job categorizing them for easy viewing. Some great recipes! Like I was intrigued by the "Bonda juice" one blogger had submitted.
    Very interesting.

  12. This part would be great for hot summer days!

  13. good work...I will bookmark this page

  14. wow! nice ...this summer would be .fantabulous :) Thanks da good job done :)

  15. Very good job done Mahi. I m sure u could have worked hard to release the results so quickly. Eager to see other items too:)
    All the drinks look fabulous.
    Hereafter if I need any drink, then I will straightly come to this round up. Nice work.

  16. Oh My Mahimaa you have a heck a lotta recipes for just the drinks I can think of how many will be there for the other things!!!

  17. Beautiful roundup Mahimaa! Waiting for the next part :)

  18. Wow mahima u have done great job all at a time so good ...lovely event.

  19. Thats a great round up!...kudos on the wonderful job done!

  20. Amazing round-up Mahimaa...what a collection!

  21. You could have the round-up for your event published on the blog directory for Indian cooking blogs at
    This is a new blog directory and intends to be a common place for event notification for all the indian cooking blogs.

  22. very nice mahi! waiting for the rest of the entries :)

  23. Wow...girl 290 recipes????? thats wonderful.I was interested readin abt bonda juice:)

  24. 290 recipes!!!
    That would be amazing to see all the episodes of this event...Nicely categorized...

  25. wow!! great Mahimaa, waiting for the rest of the entries :)

  26. woww..mahi.its great to know about the happy to see my post in your list...snaps are too tempting.. Congrads for this successful event.. :)

  27. Kanna,
    Getting 290 entries is great.You have started off in a GRAND WAY with juices. Keep it up. Nice presentation.

  28. Congrats on the grand success Mahimaa! :)
    And its gonna be very useful for everyone who are working & cooking! Thanks for hosting! :)

  29. Grrrrrrreat, Mahimaa,
    Yummy and filling juices, waiting for next round!!
    Good work, Keep it up!

  30. lovely round up of yummy drinks..

  31. Great job Mahi!! Like the way of presentation , waiting for your next round up.

  32. Great Job... Mahimma,What a cool presentation it is :)

  33. Wow...thats a lovely collection Mahimaa :)

  34. Tats an awesome start....Way to go.....!!

  35. Wow! That's a real cooool roundup for the summer.
    I am gonna try everything depending on the availability of ingredients.
    Gr8 job!

  36. Awesome!And Kudos to you for all the effort in categorizing them.Looking forward to try as many of them.

  37. Hi Mahima,
    Wonderful effort by u for the fantastic round up! the comments read that everyone is eager for part 2 ....I'm in the queue too :)


  38. Great effort with the roundup Mahimaa ! Looking forward to the next round...

  39. many drinks..waiting for the next roundup..good work mahimaa

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  43. Wow Lovely round up...i admire the way u have presented :) Super a eruku...

    Waiting to see other recipes too.

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    I forgot though :(

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  52. WOW ...thts pretty cool ....15 min wonders

  53. thank you friends for all your sweet comments.

  54. Nice roundup Mahimaa....looks gud...waiting for other parts :)


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