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May 31, 2009

15 Minute Recipes-Main course(Part 3)

The much awaited round up is here!

Rice Varieties

  1. Cauliflower Rice with Boondhi Raitha from Appetizing Recipes
  2. Chutney Chawal from Ruchii
  3. Coconut Rice from Ashwini's Spicy Cuisine
  4. Coconut milk Rice from Appetizing Recipes
  5. Carrot Pulao from Appetizing Recipes
  6. Corn Pulao from Appetizing Recipes
  7. Cranberry Fried Rice from Asankhana
  8. Kichdi from Dil Se..
  9. Masala pongal from Kitchen tantra-tease your palate
  10. Milagu pongal from Kitchen tantra-tease your palate
  11. Peela chawaran from Simplysindhirecipes
  12. Puli Pongal from Chandrabhaga
  13. Sambar Sadam from Edible Garden
  14. Simple Lemon Rice from From my kitchen to yours..
  15. Ven Pongal from

  1. Red Orangee Roti from Adlak's kitchen
  2. Spicy Chapathi from Adlak's kitchen
  3. Methi Roti from Saffron Apron
  4. Mixed Veg Parotta from Vidya's Kitchen
  5. Paneer Roll from Usha Nandini's Recipes
  6. Roti Rolls from Health nut
  7. Akki Roti from Annapurna
Dishes to go with Rice and Rotis-Gravies, Sambars & dry Curries

  1. Baby Onions Curry from
  2. Beans Poriyal from Usha Nandini's Recipes
  3. Beluli Thambli from Masala Vade
  4. Bittergourd Curry from Kavitha'vin Kaivannam
  5. Boloker Torkari from Khana Khazana with Malini
  6. Brinjal Curry with podi from Spice-Club
  7. Brinjal Tomato Sambar from Enthaligai
  8. Capsicum Curry from Usha Nandini's Recipes
  9. Chilli Garlic Cauliflower from Kavitha'vin Kaivannam
  10. Coriander leaves with gram flour from SpicyKhazana
  11. Cut Mango Pickle from Preethi's Online Cookbook
  12. Double beans gravy from Appetizing Recipes
  13. Drumstik kootu from Appetizing Recipes
  14. Gobi Matar Tawa Fry from From my palate
  15. Cauliflower Manchurian from Appetizing Recipes
  16. Kadaintha Keerai from Kavitha'vin Kaivannam
  17. Keerai poriyal from Viki's Kitchen
  18. Malaai ki Subz from Zaayeka
  19. Mavina kayi appehuli from
  20. Mix Veg Kurma from Appetizing Recipes
  21. No Fuss Sweet potato fry from Nalini(nonblogger) Check out the recipe below
  22. Okra in roasted sesame and poppy seed sauce from Appayan
  23. Palak Paneer from Saffron Apron
  24. Palak Chole stir fry from Veggie Food Journal
  25. Palong Shak-er charchari (Spinach with mix-veg) from Appayan
  26. palong-shaak-sheddho from COOK-A-DOODLE-DO
  27. Paneer Mutter from Usha Nandini's Recipes
  28. Plain Palak Curry from
  29. Aloo Fry from Kalyani's kitchen
  30. Potato curry with podi from Spice-Club
  31. Puli inji from From my kitchen to yours..
  32. Pumpkin Stew(Gummadikaaya pulusu) fromThe Chef and Her Kitchen
  33. Red Capsicum Thogayal from Preethi's Online Cookbook
  34. Soy Chilli Aloo fry from Kavitha'vin Kaivannam
  35. Spicy Tangy Chillies from The yum factor
  36. Spicy Soy Wadian from
  37. Spinach Poriyal from Padma's Recipes
  38. Sweet and Spicy Pumpkin Curry from Spicykhazana
  39. Sweet Paneer Gravy from Esho-Bosho-Aahare
  40. Thondekayi Saasime(Ivy gourd in yogurt sauce) from Savi-Ruchi
  41. Yellow Pumpkin with Cashewnuts and Coconut from Tasty Treats
I realized later that 2 entries were missing in the above collage and got mixed up with chutney collage. I apologize for the confusion! Sorry guys. If I redo the collage again, it is going to take a couple of hours more. So here are the missed out pictures and links to the recipes.

Plantain Fry from Vividha ruchulu

Radish, Peas and Bell Peppers Sauteed in Olive oil from Simple Home cooking

Recipe from non blogger

No fuss sweet potato fry
1 sweet potato (US variety)
1- 2 Tbsps oil
1/2 tspn or more red chilli powder
1/4 tspn turmeric
2 Tbs chopped onions
2 Tbs dessicated orfrozen coconut

Peel and dice the sweet potato into small pieces.
Heat the oil in a 10 inch saucepan. When the oil is heated, add all the ingredients in the order given into the pot except the sweet potato. Give the ingredients a few seconds to sizzle together. Now add the diced sweet potatoes. Sprinkle abbout three tablespoons of water and close the pan with a lid.
Lower the heat to medium and let the sweet potatoes cook. Stir it every so often. The vegetables should cook very soon. Let it roast uncovered for a few more minutes. Garnish with cilantro.
Serves four.

Chutneys to go with Rice, Roti, Idly, Dosas

  1. Bari Chutney and onion tomato raitha from Asankhana
  2. Ridgegourd Chutney from
  3. Carrot Chutney from Sai kitchen
  4. Cilantro Yogurt Chutney from Kavya's Kitchen
  5. Kothimeera-Tomato Pachadi (Cilantro-Tomato Chutney) from kalyani's kitchen
  6. Peanut Chutney from The Chef and Her Kitchen
  7. Plantain Fry from Vividha ruchulu
  8. Plantain Chutney from Vividha ruchulu
  9. pumpkin cilantro chutney from Vidya's kitchen
  10. Mint leaf Chutney from Viki's Kitchen
  11. Radish, Peas and Bell Peppers Sauteed in Olive oil from Simple Home cooking
  12. Simple Peanut Chutney from From my kitchen to yours..
  13. Tomato Capsicum Chutney from Kavitha'vin Kaivannam
  14. Tomato Chutney/Dip from Indian Khana
  15. Tomato Archaar from Cooking 4 all seasons
  16. Ambuli Chutney from Aps kitchen

  1. Spiced Dalia (Roasted Bengal Gram) Powder from Essence of Andhra
  2. Spicy Coconut powder from Aathidhyam
  3. Thaengai podi from From my kitchen to yours..


  1. Coconut thayir pachhadi from From kitchen to yours..
  2. Raita/Pachadi from Usha Nandini's Recipes
  3. Cucumber pachadi from Easy2cookrecipes
  4. Pineapple Raita / Flavoured Greek Yogurt from
  5. Sweet mango pachadi from Sanghi's Food Delights
  6. Tomato and capsicum pachadi from Preethi's Online Cookbook
  7. Carrot pachadi from Salt to taste
Please check your links and let me know if there are errors.

OK I am TIRED and want to sign off. This covers only half the round-up. Anybody interested in doing the other half? haha.. just kidding.



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