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June 2, 2009

15 Minute Recipes-Tiffins(Part 4), International Cuisines & Sweets(Part 5)

Without dragging further, I present the last round up-part 4(Tiffins and Snacks) and part 5(International Cuisines, Sweets).

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Part 4-Tiffins and Snacks

Some of the recipes are instant while some of them require advance preparation like soaking, fermenting, boiling veggies etc...

Idly/Dosa Varieties

Row 1 from left:
Baked rava idly-
Savory cheela-Food fanatic
Curry leaves adai-Adlak's Kitchen
Ghee Roast-Adlak's kitchen

Row 2 from left:
Crispy Gunth Ponganalu's -When i Play Chef....
Ghee Podi Dosa-Adlak's kitchen
Peas Uthappam-Adlak's kitchen
Ragi dosa-easy2cookrecipes

Row 3 from left:
Onion rava dosai-FUSION
Rava idly-VidyaVenky
Tomato Dosa-Adlak's Kitchen
Bouncy Paniyarams-Adlak's Kitchen

oats kuzhi picture)

Deep Fried Snacks

Row 1 from left:
Bell pepper baji-VidyaVenky
Spicy Veg Cutlet-Sanghi's Food Delights
kajayam-Kavitha'vin Kaivannam

Row 2 from left:
Onion samosa-Sanghi's Food Delights
BabyCorn - Avarekaal Pakodi
Plaintain bajji-Annapurna

Row 3 from left:
Plaintain chips-
Banana rava paniyaram-easy2cookrecipes
Sweet bonda-easy2cookrecipes

Low fat Snacks/Tea time Snacks

  1. Baked Sweet Potato Chips-Parita's Kitchen
  2. Healthy bhel salad-Few Minute Wonders
  3. Microwave chatpat Masala Kaju- The Chef and Her Kitchen
  4. Channa chat-VidyaVenky
  5. Crunchy sundal-thayirsaadham
  6. Cup of corn-VidyaVenky
  7. Davanagere Masala Mandakki / Nargis Mandakki-
  8. Healthy sprouted bhel recipe-
  9. Jhal Moori-Khana Khazana with Malini
  10. Masala papad-Usha Nandini's Recipes
  11. MW Chivda-Delectable Vegetarian Recipes
  12. Mora Moraalu Chaat (Puffed Rice Chaat)-Kalyani's Kitchen
  13. Samosa Chaat-Aroma
  14. Soosla -When i Play Chef....
  15. Spicy mango slices-Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes
  16. Ever healthy spicy mixed cereals with nuts-
  17. Spicy corn-Indian cooking made easy
  18. Sundal-
  19. Aval pori masala mix-Sara's corner
Instant Tiffins-Upmas, Poha, Besan dishes

  1. Aval upma-Preethi's online cookbook
  2. Aval Usili-From my kitchen to yours…
  3. Aval Uppuma-Adlak's kitchen
  4. Batata (Aloo) Poha-Cookery Corner
  5. Scrambled Chickpea Flour with a Fiery Red Chili Paste-Lisa's Kitchen
  6. Dosa upma-Simple Indian food
  7. Mor Koozhu /Kali-Madhu's Food Journal
  8. Gothumai Kitchedi-Kitchen Tantra - tease your palate
  9. Gram flour vadi-
  10. Idly upma-Kayal's Kitchen
  11. khandvi-
  12. Majjiga Sojji-Kavya's Kitchen
  13. Milk poha-Satya's cooking experiments
  14. Onion Carrot Oatmeal Poha-Delectable Vegetarian Recipes
  15. Pidi kozhakattai-VidyaVenky
  16. Pohe-Sam's Recipes
  17. Pori upma-Flavours and Tastes
  18. Puli aval-
  19. Gunta Punugulu-Kavya's Kitchen
  20. Mixed Vegetable Quinoa-
  21. Ravakichdi-Kayal's Kitchen
  22. Rava Kichadi-Adlak's kitchen
  23. Semiya Uppuma-Adlak's kitchen
  24. Shavige Upma -When i Play Chef....
  25. Thayir Oats-From my kitchen to yours…
  26. Tomato Poha-Delectable Vegetarian Recipes
  27. Uppindi-Kavya's Kitchen
  28. Atukulaupma-plantainleaf
  29. Carrot-Coconut Upma-

Row 1
15 Minute Indian Chinese Noodles-hungry desi
Thenga sevai-Delectable Vegetarian Recipes
Lemon Sevai-Delectable Vegetarian Recipes

Row 2
Hakka noodles-Annapurna
Simple veg noodles-Kayal's Kitchen

Bread Sandwiches and quick snacks

Row 1
Instant Bread (Sticks) Snack-Essence of Andhra
Chilli Cheese Toast-Cookery Corner

Row 2
Pav Bhanji-saffron apron
Cheese sandwich toast-Kitchen Koncoctions

Row 3
Vegetable Omlette(Egg less)-andhra spice
Veggie sandwich-messycooks

Row 4
Whole wheat sandwich-Usha Nandini's Recipes

Part 5-International Cuisines and Sweets

International Cuisines

Row 1
Avocado yogurt dip-VEGETABLE PLATTER
Bissara fava bean dip-Chef In You
Black Bean Patty on Mock Mashed Potatoes- Recipeswap
Borani Ye Esfenaj-foodie's Hope
Bow shaped pasta

Row 2
Buttered onions with mushrooms and Pickled Cucumbers-Aps Kitchen
Herbed Carrots with Ginger Garlic Butter-eCurry
Cashew Aioli- The Chef and Her Kitchen
Crostini with Goat Cheese Spread and a Roasted Red Pepper and Sun-Dried Tomato Dip-Mirch Masala
Focaccia Bread sandwich-aathidhyam

Row 3
Cheese, Pesto and Vegetable Grilled Sandwich-Tasty Treats
Hummus-My Experience With Cooking
Insalata Caprese-Khana Khazana with Malini
Mango Salsa-Recipe Center
Miang khum(Savory bites)-Annapurna

Row 4
Olive-Basil Dip- The Chef and Her Kitchen
Spicy nacho cheese-
Mediterranean pasta salad-Preethi's online cookbook
Srilankan Broccoli Fry-Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes
Super-quick-healthy-mix-vegetable-stir fry-

Row 5
Thai Chilled Lychee Coconut Soup-Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes
Tortilla rolls-Annapurna
Vegetable pizza-VidyaVenky
Vegetarian Mee Mamak/Noodles-Malaysian Delicacies
Wheat wraps with vegetable filling-Creative Saga


1 Aam Kulfi-

2 Banana Cashew easy cake-When I play Chef

3 Besan Peda-

4 Besan kheer-

5 bourbon biscuits-A Culinary Odyssey!

6 Carrot kheer-In my passionate world....:)

7 Choco nut Cake-When i Play Chef....

8 Chocolate Pistachio Fudge-Ria's Collections

9 Chocolate Peda-Indian Vegetarian Kitchen(my Kitchen)

10 Coconut laddoo-Annapurna

11 Doodh Peda-

12 Wheat flour Ladoo | Godhumai Laddoo | Godhi Laddu -My Scrawls

13 Instant coconut halwa-

14 Peanut candy-Preethi's online cookbook-14

15 Kesar Elaichi Shrikand-Parita's kitchen

16 Jaggery Maladoo-Kailas kitchen

17 Mango raspberry icecream-KonkanWorld

18 Mango frozen Yogurt-Foodie's hope

19 Mango kulfi-The Chef and Her Kitchen

20 Microwave Vanilla Cake-Archy's Recipe Book

21 Microwave almond fudge-Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes

22 Microwave Kaju Peda-Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes

23 No sweat mango icecream-Mirchi Nu Tadko

24 Pineapple Desert-Usha Nandini's Recipes-

25 Pineapple Kesari-Usha Nandini's Recipes

26 Poha payasam-easy2cookrecipes-

27 Yogurt Parfait-Usha Nandini's Recipes

Thank you for your contribution and making this event a grand success!

I am likely to take a break for a few months. See you all in Fall.


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