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July 21, 2010

Some Europe Pictures

If you are a frequent visitor to my site, you must have probably gotten tired of seeing my home page that has not been updated since months. So here are some pictures from our Europe Trip! It was a great experience and I want to go there again.
I will start posting new recipes soon. Until then enjoy these pictures :)

Lucerne, Switzerland

Laussane, Switzerland

Paris, France


Rome, Italy

Milan, Italy

Venice, Italy

Pisa, Italy

Brussels, Belgium

Amsterdam, Netherlands


  1. awesom clicks,thnks for the lovely pictorial

  2. Amazing! Thanks for sharing those pictures, they are beautiful!

  3. Woww Mahi, beautiful clicks, glad to see u back dear...hope u had a wonderful European trip..but Paris vantha pothu miss panniten unna..

  4. Beautiful pictures.Thank you for sharing them with us.Sure did miss your recipes.Happy to see you back.

  5. Really was wondering how have you been! Happy for you that you enjoyed a great trip. The pictures are simply special.
    Welcome back:)

  6. Wow!!!! thanks for taking me to Europe .Looks very beautiful.

  7. Your pics made me nostalgic..miss swiss :(

  8. hi mahimaa,

    these pictures are awesome...its so beautifull...i want my hubby to take me on a euro trip...i love traveling and cooking and i accidentally came across ur blog... u have a lovely space with wonderful collection of recipes...

    if u get time do visit my blog


  9. Beautiful pics. Welcome back.

  10. Hi Mahi, Amazing clicks dear!!, beautiful.., I thought I would see you some where with your beautiful smile!!, Nice to know you will be back soon, with some great recipes, thanks for taking us for a tour around Europe :))

  11. Great Pictures. Please visit our blog and collect an award.

  12. Absolultely breathtaking!!! Thanks for the gorgeous virtual tour Mahimaa.


  13. Hi there! Lovely europe pics. I can see the snaps are so professionally taken..if i may ask which camera have you used, i am currently looking to buy a camera, pls help me out! tks, Annu.

  14. Hi, Lovely pics! professionally taken..if i may ask, which camera have you used? i am currently looking to buy a camera, pls help me out, tks.


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